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Headbands for men

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The headbands for children, women, and men you'll find at Protectstore, are not only multifunctional and practical when it's cold, but in many cases also real fashion items. With a headband, you protect your ears and forehead against cold, wind, and snow in the winter, while at the same time looking good! No one is waiting for ice-cold ears. Also, a cold forehead or a cold wind against your forehead is very unpleasant. A (too) cold forehead can even lead to headaches.

Winter headbands
Wearing a headband in the winter instead of a hat will keep your hairstyle in tip-top shape. Wearing a headband also prevents hair from getting in your face, pretty annoying if you go at full speed on the bike, the slopes, or the ice rink. A headband is an elastic ear warmer. Because of the elasticity, a headband sits like a cast and does not pinch around the head, with all its consequences. Because a headband leaves the top of the head free, the chance of an itchy head also decreases. This often happens while wearing a hat. Then the head gets too hot and you get itchy. With a headband the chance of this is small. A headband can also easily be combined with the rest of your winter gear. In short, a headband adds some extras to your winter look.

Order a woman headband at Protectstore
At Protectstore you can easily and safely score a warm winter headband for babies, (young) women, and men. Warm earmuffs from O'Neill and Playshoes in black, blue, pink, red, or white. With us, you will find many more winter accessories than just headbands. We have a wide range of warm and winter items such as gloves, scarves or shawls, hats, and various fleece items including fleece cardigans, socks, pants, and overalls. Whether you go for nice and warm earmuffs in the shape of a headband or expand your winter wardrobe with one of the many other winter garments or accessories you'll find on Protectstore. Everything ordered before 5:30 pm. will be within 2-3 working days at home. Of course, you pay online with us in a highly secure environment.

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