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Rain ponchos for men

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A rain poncho is perhaps not the most famous example of rain wear. Probably more like a raincoat or rain jacket. A rain poncho, often abbreviated to 'poncho', is a kind of rain cape that is (of course) made of waterproof and water-repellent fabric. There are different types of ponchos. For example, you can think of a bike poncho, a storable poncho, or a hiking poncho. These have a lot in common but differ in details. For example, a poncho that can be stored is usually equipped with an integrated storage bag. A hiking poncho regularly has a pocket or special space at the back in which you can keep your backpack dry, while a bike poncho is specifically designed to be able to ride safely and comfortably through the rain. You can think of elements like reflective stripes, special transparent viewing windows, or, as with hiking ponchos, compartments to protect your backpack from precipitation.

Advantages of a poncho

A big advantage of a poncho compared to a traditional raincoat is that you've pulled the poncho in a jiffy, or better said over your head. If you are caught by a downpour it is nice to have a poncho with you. This brings us to another great advantage of this simple but functional piece of rain wear. A good poncho can easily be made small and compact. Because of this, the poncho takes up little space and is easy to carry around in your backpack, purse, shoulder bag, or sometimes even in your pocket. A rain poncho offers a lot of freedom of movement while wearing it. Ideal while cycling, walking, or when you're dancing in the rain at a festival or dance party. It goes without saying that a poncho is worn over your own clothes.

Order a rain poncho online

At Protectstore you will find a very wide range of rain ponchos for children and adults. Protectstore has included numerous ponchos and rain capes from brands such as Playshoes, Pro-X Elements and CeLaVi in its assortment. Protectstore's range of rain wear is many times more extensive than just rain ponchos. From raincoats to rain boots and from umbrellas to rain pants. We have everything you need to keep you dry in even the heaviest downpours.

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