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Buggy rain covers for girls

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Buggy rain cover

Pram cover

A rain cover for a pram or buggy is indispensable in a country where the weather often leaves something to be desired. Certainly in this part of Europe, it often rains. Fortunately, Protectstore has everything to protect you against rain and snow. With a rain cover on the pram or buggy your little one will stay dry and well protected against rain, snow and hail. With a well-fitting cover you can also just leave the house when the weather is not optimal. There's nothing better than going out for a stroll or an errand together.

Pram cover material

You can buy a good rain cover from Protectstore that meets some important requirements. It is important that there is a ventilation hole in the cover that is large enough. This will provide the baby or toddler in question with plenty of fresh air and the air circulation in the buggy will also be as good as possible. This will also ensure that the temperature inside the buggy will not rise too high and that there will be no condensation and moisture formation. Another important aspect is the material of the cover. On the one hand, it must not be too fragile so that the cover does not tear and therefore loses its function. On the other hand, the cover must not be too rigid, otherwise it is always a hell of a job to get the cover to run smoothly around the buggy or pram.

Playshoes rain cover

At Protectstore you will find various rain covers from the German brand Playshoes. These covers are universal so that they will fit easily on buggies and prams of all different brands. All rain covers are of course transparent so that the little one can look at the wonderful world around him at ease. Also important for parents to be able to keep an eye on things. The Playshoes buggy covers are of course also available in different versions in terms of size. Whether you have a duo pram, a tandem pram, an 'ordinary' buggy or a portable child's seat: Protectstore has a suitable rain cover for all these types.

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