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Blue light glasses

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Blue-light glasses

Screen glasses boys and girls

Children of different ages, from toddler to teenager, spend much more time than before behind screens. Whether this is the screen of a computer, a television, a smartphone or a tablet. This increased screen time has of course to do with digitization and the fact that children also play more games on a device than at the old-fashioned kitchen table. Boys and girls do homework and school assignments digitally on the tablet and computer, they watch movies and vlogs on YouTube and spend a lot of time watching their favorite Netflix series. By spending a lot of time behind a screen, children's eyes are intensively used and burdened. This can make the eyes irritated, overburdened and dry. This is of course not desirable.

Blue light glasses for children

Blue-light glasses, also called blue-light filter glasses or monitor glasses, reduce the exposure of boys' and girls' eyes to the blue light coming from the monitors of the various devices. Screen glasses filter the blue light, which provides more calm to the eyes and prevents eye fatigue and dehydration of the eyes. An excess of blue light could lead to a reduced production of the sleep hormone, which could lead to a disturbed night's sleep and fatigue. If you are planning to purchase blue light screen glasses, it is important to look at the percentage of Blue Light filtering. This is where different in glasses are often found.

Buy blue light glasses for children online

Of course, you can buy screen glasses or blue light filter glasses for boys and girls at Protectstore. If you order the blue light glasses before 5:30 pm., you will receive them within 2-3 working days. At Protectstore you will find screen glasses from brands such as Shadez and Ki Et La, in many colors and for both boys and girls. Pay safely at Protectstore with PayPal, i Deal or afterwards with AfterPay. Order blue children's glasses right now at Protectstore!

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