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About the brand...

Didriksons is a Swedish brand that produces high quality warm and waterproof jackets. Besides jackets you can also find rain pants, rain boots and rain hats from Didriksons at Protectstore.

Didriksons regenkleding

Didriksons | Rain and winter wear

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Didriksons 1913

Didriksons started in 1913 in Grundsund, Sweden. The company Didriksons started making waterproof jackets for fishermen that would protect them from the cold, wet and rough conditions on Swedish waters. At the time, more fishermen died from hypothermia than from drowning. The very first coats were nothing more than pieces of fabric that were brushed several times with layers of (linseed) oil. After this, the 'oil jackets' were hung to dry. Once they had dried sufficiently, the fishermen could wear them in the cold and wetness of the water. The fishermen spontaneously stayed dry and warm and the demand for these early Didriksons 'raincoats' quickly increased.

Didriksons raincoats

More than a century later, the brand is still in full swing, with an important goal. To keep people warm, comfortable and dry. Even in the wettest and most wintery conditions, that's what Didriksons stands for and goes for. All Didriksons jackets are not only waterproof, but also breathable. This prevents sweating, which is not only uncomfortable, but which would eventually cool you down even further. The winter waterproof jackets are there for both young and old. Didriksons outdoor jackets have in common that they have a timeless and classic design, and they protect you from the elements every day. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. This is especially important for the little boys and girls among us. Didriksons strives to keep their ecological footprint as minimal as possible. In the production process, water consumption and the use of chemicals are closely monitored, and of course no poison is used. Like this, future generations will also be able to enjoy wet walks in the autumnal forest and other tough outdoor activities.

Didriksons at Protectstore

We are proud that Protectstore has included many different Didriksons items in its offer. At Protectstore you will find natural waterproof and warm jackets, but also parkas, rain pants, rain hats, rain boots and more beautiful items from this beautiful Swedish brand. Everything to ensure that you can enjoy the wet and cold months without having to stay inside.

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