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Protectstore: Protection under all circumstances

Protectstore stands for protection and safety for young and old under all circumstances. To protect in English means to protect or provide safety. And that is exactly what Protectstore does. To ensure that you, and your children, are safe and well protected in all circumstances. We provide safety and protection indoors and outdoors, at work, on the sports field, at school and on vacation. An accident — unfortunately — can happen at any time. And small children are especially vulnerable. It is therefore significant to protect them wherever possible. Who wants their child to suffer hearing damage when this is easily preventable? Neither does anyone want their child to suffer from a cold, get wet or run the risk of becoming nearsighted by regularly staring too long at the screen of a tablet.

Protectstore and UV-Fashions

Protectstore is complementary to UV-Fashions. Where UV-Fashions focuses entirely on protecting the skin from harmful UV radiation with all its consequences, Protectstore takes 'the rest' for its account. And that's quite a lot.

“We've got you covered”
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For example, why and when can I turn to Protectstore?

  • To protect your children's eyes from the harmful effects of too much screen time or from the radiation emitted by a tablet.
  • To protect vulnerable children's ears from loud noises and possible hearing damage caused by, for example, setting off fireworks, passing traffic or while attending a loud music performance.
  • For all imaginable rain and winter clothing for young and old.
  • Numerous accessories that keep you warm and dry.

Rain wear and winter clothing for children

Protectstore is the protection specialist in the Netherlands. On our website you will find everything you need to arm yourself against all weather conditions. Autumn and winter are the wettest and coldest seasons of the year. Children play and cycle outside in the rain and snow. It is important to protect them from the elements of these seasons. That is why we offer a wide range of protective and warm rain wear and winter clothing for babies, boys and girls. You can think of a nice winter coat that keeps you warm, a comfortable poncho or a cool raincoat in a color you like.

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Winter clothes for babies

Babies are vulnerable and need to be well protected from snow, rain and cold at all times. Especially through the head, babies quickly lose heat, which makes them cold. That is why it is important to cover their head with a warm hat or rain hat when it is snowing or raining. At Protectstore you will find a wide range of clothing and accessories that optimally protect your baby against rain and temperatures far below freezing.

Accessories for cold and rain

Complete your warm or dry outfit with accessories such as gloves, scarves or an umbrella. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have wet and cold feet. Of course, we've taken that into account as well! For the whole family we have warm winter boots in different colors and sizes in our range. And for the little women and men we also take care of dry feet with very nice rain boots. Protectstore has everything you need to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions! If you order from Protectstore, you will receive your order quickly. Exchanges are no problem for us either.

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